Marietas Islands National Park Adventure

  • Experience the clear waters filled with marine life while snorkeling off the shores of the Marietas Islands
  • See the unique Blue-footed Booby Birds in their nesting grounds on the islands.
  • Swim through a cave to the hidden beach of the Marietas “Playa de Amor” (Lover’s Beach)
  • Witness the power of mother ocean at one of the natural blowholes

Located just 20 minutes (6 miles) off shore from Punta Mita is the Islas Marietas National Park.
The park is an archipelago made up of two large islands and two islets. Formed thousands of years ago by volcanic activity the islands are completely uninhabited and considered an important breeding site, shelter and transit for resident, migratory, continental and marine birds. The area has the highest diversity of reef fish in the Bay of Banderas and is also home to a wide variety of coral species. Quite often dolphins, turtles, humpback whales (Nov-Apr) and other marine life can be spotted in the area.

In 2005 the Islands were declared a natural protected area with National Park Status, banning all fishing and hunting at the Marietas Islands. In 2008 The UNESCO announced the addition of the Park to the international program Man and Biosphere (MAB). Today, the Marietas Islands protects 44 species of at risk flora and fauna, 8 species of marine mammals, 92 varieties of shorebirds and 115 different type of reef fish.

Observation of marine birds includes the magnificent frigate bird, herons, egrets, brown footed booby and the famous blue-footed booby (only found in the Galapagos Islands and at the Marietas Islands).

Below the oceans surface many reef fish can be spotted including King Angel Fish, Giant Damselfish, Moorish Idol and many more.

Located on the Isla Redonda (Round Island) is the popular small beach “Playa de Amor” (Lover’s Beach).

This small sandy beach is only accessible by swimming through an eighty-foot tunnel that links it to the outside Pacific Ocean. The rocky overhang provides enough space to swim through so that visitors don’t require scuba gear – or even holding their breath to access the beach. Playa de Amor is a real wonder of Mother Nature and a hidden treasure of the Islas Marietas.

If you are in Punta Mita, Sayulita or Puerto Vallarta this is an amazing activity for the whole family you can’t miss.
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